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There are many ways of using these dyes and much information on the web, but here is a.

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Surface Application of Procion Dye Instructions. Make a paste of 1-3 teaspoons of Procion dye powder with warm tap water and add it. tie dye. 0.

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Tie dying shirts with the Tulip tie dye kit I used the Tulip tie dye kit to colour some shirts that turned.

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Choose which fabric dye to use based on fabric, dying method and colorfastness.

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Their instructions for tie-dye are unnecessarily complicated,.

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When mixed with soda ash, cold water dye is permanent, colorfast and.Tulip Cold Water Dye and Procion dye. Basic and Free Tie Dye Instructions for.

Suppliers of Procion dye, auxilliary chemicals, clothing blanks, fabrics, and other items useful for making tie dye.

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Basic instructions about how to make a tie dye t-shirt just like the ones you love at summer camp.

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Our free tie dye instruction can get you started decorating your own shirts.By using a variety of tying methods, you can create interesting patterns with.

In Love With Indigo: 3 DIY Indigo Tie Dye Patterns. Pin. Yum. Trading says about procion dyes.

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Buy Procion MX 4-Color Dye Set with Soda Ash at Walmart.com. Tie-dye, batik, immersion. instructions.